Using Twitter For Wholesaling Properties

Is Twitter a good advertising medium for wholesaling properties? If so, what are the best ways to use it? What other alternatives might be even better for highly cost effective wholesaling marketing?

There are many wholesaling marketing options available to real estate investors today. Sometimes it is that variety, and constantly being bombarded by the next ‘best thing’ or ‘must’ use platform which makes it so difficult to find and stick with a channel and strategy that works. However, there is no question that social should be at the top of the list for all wholesalers.

Twitter remains one of the top two or three social networking platforms, and is only likely to grow with the IPO. There are many ways it can be leveraged for wholesaling properties from driving in web traffic, to creating a buyers list, pushing out alerts to new deals, and even connecting with private lenders and picking up distressed properties. Unfortunately many real estate investors still struggle to make it work for them.

Most get stuck when starting out and become discourage when trying to use Twitter organically, unless they have been avid Twitter users prior to attempting to use it for wholesaling marketing.

Others get caught up in shady marketing methods, or try using cheap third party services which often end up yielding a lot of junk or becoming very expensive. So what can investors do to build a following around their Twitter handles fast and make sure their posts actually get seen?

While many gravitate towards social media because it is often promoted as being free many may find Twitter’s paid advertising options a real blessing. They are easy to use, track and can be very affordable and fast acting in contrast to some other options.

Basically users have the option of using Promoted Accounts or Promoted Tweets, as well as Twitter Cards for direct lead generation. Promoted Accounts get your Twitter handle recommended to follow and can help building that following quickly and get noticed by key players. Promoted Tweets ensure that your Tweets stand out and get seen.

Paying attention to timing, using keywords and focusing on targeting the right users can all help improve results and ROI when using Twitter ads. However, when comparing this to Google AdWords or Facebook advertising it can sometimes come out as being more expensive and often delivers inferior quality leads due to lack of targeting filters. It’s definitely worth testing out, especially for those just now trying to build a network, but watch your ROI.

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