2014 Wholesaling Marketing Trends To Watch

What trends are emerging for wholesaling marketing for real estate investors to watch in 2014?

While many investors already have their wholesaling marketing plans laid out for the year, keeping an eye on trends can help make campaigns better and drive up responses and ROI.

Many property investors are bullish on sticking with direct mail for their wholesaling marketing in 2014, and it will continue to serve many incredibly well. However, there is no ignoring the web or need for maintaining a well-rounded marketing mix.

According to statistics from Social Media Today and WebDAM there are a number of significant changes in the works, as well as small tweaks which can make big differences in results.

So what are the numbers you need to know?

1. Blogging

Those focusing on making business to business connections those that blog reportedly enjoy 67% more leads than those that don’t! Sadly, statistics show only about 50% of businesses actually have content marketing strategies. This offers a big window of opportunity and easy way to get ahead.

2. Email

Email continues to live somewhere between direct mail and social media on the radar of those wholesaling properties. It continues to be a great core medium, but the recent report from WebDAM reports that emails sent that include social sharing buttons can increase click through rates by an incredible 158%.

3. Events

While the impression many may have is that all marketing is pretty much about the web today, it might be surprising to find out that 67% of B2B content marketers say they find event marketing the most effective strategy. So what types of events might help your wholesaling business both increase marketing results and closed deals?

4. PR

73% of reporters reportedly believe press releases ought to be provided with images. Those are pretty overwhelming numbers, so if you are going to use press releases to support your business don’t forget the photos.

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