It’s Important to Keep Your Flat Iron and Other Styling Tools Clean

Like all products that are continually used, flat irons, curling irons and other hair styling tools get dirty. It is important to keep your tools clean and with specialized products and even some products commonly found in your house, keeping your hairstyling tools clean is easy.

Before you style your hair, you probably put an assortment of products in your hair such as thermal protectant, mousse, gel, volumizer, etc. When heat is applied directly to your hair in the form of a flat iron or curling iron, these products begin to build up on your hair tool. After time, the buildup of product will affect the performance of your styling tool.

When buildup gets to be too much, it makes it more difficult for the styling tool to apply heat to your hair in a smooth and uniform fashion. This will affect the results you get from your styling tool. Flat irons are particularly susceptible to buildup because of how they are commonly used – pulled through hair. After awhile, it will take far more time to get the results you desire with your styling tool.

To keep your equipment clean, it is best to clean them once a week – before the buildup becomes visible to the naked eye. After the buildup becomes visible, it becomes harder to clean off. Never scrape your styling tool – this will scratch the protective coating most tools have and can cause severe damage to your hair. Most professional beauty supply stores sell cleaner for hairstyling tools and is relatively inexpensive, depending on the amount you purchase. Other common household products such as rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover and oven cleaner can also do the trick.

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