Tips for Best Performance

Android phones are growing in popularity and sometimes Ford Sync users should use a maintenance workshop for the best performance.

Sometimes Android phones just aren’t “paired” correctly from the beginning. This could distort the Bluetooth connection over time and this could result in poor performance. Just like a home or office computer, a Sync owner needs to sometime to “maintenance” to keep their Sync system running properly.

If your Sync system doesn’t operate well, then you may need to do a “Re-Pair” procedure (also called “Clean Pairing.”). This is a multi-step process for clearing out your former Bluetooth connection and reestablishing a fresh connection.

Here is multi-step process for on-going maintenance of your Sync hands-free system.

1. Start the “Re-Pair” Process by deleting device(s) from your phone:

Go to your phone Settings and turn Bluetooth On

Under Bluetooth settings, choose Discoverable, and look for “Trusted Devices”

If you see an icon or tab that says “Sync,” then tap the circle icon or the gear icon to the right and then tap “forget Device” or “Unpair Device.”

Now, completely power down your phone for several minutes.

2. Continue the “Re-Pair” Process by deleting device(s) from your Sync System:

Push the “Phone Icon” on your steering wheel, on a center console button (if equipped), push the “Phone” button on the MyFord system, or tap the upper left corner of the MyFord Touch system.

This brings up the “Phone Menu” on your Sync display console.

Use the Tuning Knob (if equipped) or the Up/Down arrows to move through the Topics.

Go to System Settings, then push OK (on the steering wheel or on the console).

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