In Car Camera for Road Accidents

Unfortunately there are a growing number of cases where innocent drivers are being wrongly accused of fault in road traffic accidents. Victims of these events often end up losing vast amounts of money and in some cases they may lose their vehicle (if they are only third-party protected). The problem for many drivers is that they have very little means of challenging any fault claims and proving that they have been wrongly accused.

Until now there have not been many effective ways of preventing bogus insurance claims. The major problem is that a witness is needed at the scene otherwise it is very difficult to prove non-fault in an accident. Many road traffic accidents where there are no witnesses present will rely on ‘hearsay’ evidence. This type of evidence is very limited and will often result in long drawn out cases where both parties argue their innocence.

However, with the aid of modern technology drivers are now able to continuously monitor the road with a car camera system. These systems are becoming more widely utilised as an effective means of adding to vehicle security. In the case of an accident these devices prove to be very effective and help to prevent drivers from being wrongly accused of fault.

The devices, which are often smaller than a mobile phone also capture and track where the vehicle is located via GPS. This GPS information is very useful to determine exact vehicle location in case of an accident. Superior in-car camera systems will also provide ultra sharp recording resolution in high-definition to ensure that all footage can be used for evidential purposes where necessary. Some in-car camera systems will also provide the speed of the vehicle and ‘G’ shock readings at the time of the accident. This is data that also helps to determine driving behaviour and fault during accidents.

What’s more, with the use of an in-car camera system the time taken to resolve accidents can be significantly shortened and false injuries and claims easily disputed. Information captured on these camera systems is date and time stamped and much like traditional CCTV the images prove very useful for both insurance companies and local authorities like the police.

Having an in car camera is also beneficial for drivers when their vehicle is left parked and/or unattended. Instances of petty criminal damage and other events can all be recorded with an onboard car camera. These recordings can then be used to help identify the culprits and prosecute offenders should the need arise.

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