Money on Your Aweber Subscription Payment

Did you know that you could be paying more for your Aweber subscription than you need to?

Did you know that when people unsubscribe from your list(s), Aweber DOES NOT remove them?

Did you know that undeliverable emails – e.g. perhaps someone subscribed and changed their email address – are not automatically removed from your list of subscribers?

Yes, of course, when you send out a broadcast or add an autoresponder message to Aweber, those who have unsubscribed or who have an undeliverable email address are not included in the `send out’ but THEY ARE STILL INCLUDED in your list of subscribers as far as Aweber’s billing is concerned.

Take a look……

You might have 513 subscribers, but 15 have unsubscribed, leaving you with 498 subscribers, but you won’t be paying $19 a month…. no, you will be paying an extra $10…. those 15 unsubscribes are still attributed to your account and therefore your bill, even though they unsubscribed and you can’t send emails to them.

What about if you know you have 5,050 subscribers, but you know that over the past few months, 50 of those on your list have become undeliverable? You will still be paying $69 instead of $49, that’s an extra $20 for having people on your list with undeliverable email addresses.

So here’s where you need to do a bit of housekeeping in your Aweber account – you need to regularly spring clean your lists and rid yourself of all those people that unsubscribe or become `undeliverable’. And here’s how you can do it…

1) Login to your account and choose which list you are going to start with from the drop down menu (if you only have one or two lists, this won’t take too long, but if you have loads, it could take a little while)

Click on the Leads tab

2) Select Unsubscribed Leads from the drop-down menu (it’s the one at the very bottom!)

3) You’ll see a bit of whirring going on and then your unsubscribed details will appear

Simply check the Erase box to check all the boxes, then click Save – that’s it… GONE!

If you’ve got a quite a few unsubscribes that have built up over time, you may have a number of pages with details to erase.

4) To do the same for the undeliverable leads, go back to point 2) and select Undeliverable Leads from the drop down menu and repeat the same process

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