Jandy C1460 Is One of the Best Pool Filters Available

Filters are required to keep debris out of swimming pools so that the water remains clean and clear so that users can enjoy swimming without any fear of catching any illness. There are many ways of filtering water… through cartridges or sand etc. Some of them result in a lot of water being wasted and therefore not recommended in the environmental water problem the world is facing. Hence, the best way is to find a way to clean the water in the pool with minimum wastage. The Jandy c1460 is one such filter.

The Jandy C1460 is a cartridge filter that sets the benchmark in cartridge filtration for swimming. These filters are available in different sizes and are simple to use as well as maintain. The filters provide large capacity for extending the cleaning cycles and instead of cleaning the pool every fortnight, it can now be cleaned only once a month and sometimes with rare usage, the pool needs to be cleaned only once a season. The filter comes with a handy tank lid handle that makes installing it very easy. This lid also provides easy accessibility for cleaning. All that is required is to lift the lid and wash the element of the cartridge with a water hose and the dirt and debris that is stuck to it will wash away. In this way, the water used is less and perfectly suitable for small households who are conscious of wasting water shock swimming pool.

The Jandy C1460 is made of toughened plastic and is available in colors to match the d├ęcor outside the home, near the swimming pool. This makes it visually appealing. It is not too heavy to carry and move around. At the end of the season, it can be removed from the swimming pool and stored in a garage, if necessary.

Pentair Pool filters are manufactured by the Pentair Water Pool and Spa company. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of pool and spa equipment and accessories. Swimming pool owners of both big and small pools can acquire the best products from a single source. It comes with the added guarantee of confidence and comfort that it is built by the best pool equipment manufacturers. Under the Pentair water pool and spa products are Sta Rite and Rainbow brands that are innovative and make pool owners enjoy themselves more as they have more energy and no worry about keeping their pools clean.

Pentair pool filters are available for above ground and below ground swimming pools in many sizes to suit individual requirements. They can be fitted easily and maintenance is without any problem. This low maintenance aspect is an added value to the filters because the pool owners can sit back and relax for almost the entire season without cleaning the pool even once.

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