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Google the word “blog” today and you’ll get somewhere hovering around 2 billion results. Now, without going into elaborate Google indexing theories, that doesn’t necessarily mean there are 2 billion active blogs, but does prove the enormous popularity nonetheless.

The term blog dates back to the late ’90’s when the already slightly acronym-ized term weblog, used for the newer fashion of posting journals, or logs, on the web, was shortened even further into the term blog.

Blogs exploded throughout the next decade as celebrity and well-known political activists posts gained enormous popularity and exposure.

As social network sites burst on the scene and eventually became the internet mainstay for over a half a billion users, the novelty of blogs dulled slightly, but not their importance. Many very popular blog authors are routinely spotlighted on national news-talk shows, talk radio, internet magazines, gossip sites, etc.

But most social network sites somewhat ignored blogs and actually formed a new style of blogging. We started notifying our online friends of our every move by what would be called micro-blogging. Twitter popped on the scene a couple of years ago and pushed the micro-blog to new limits (140 character limits, to be exact). People are constantly tweeting their thoughts to the world through the popular service.

While we try to stay abreast of our friends and keep our “followers” notified of our daily thoughts and activities via these abbreviated bursts of mental activity, many social networking sites are again embracing the blog. The fit is a good one too, as users can use other site tools to spread the word and snippets of information from their latest blogging masterpiece. Some sites let you select sharing access so that you can keep your thoughts private, truly like a journal, or make public to share with the world. And most that do offer blogs also even offer the ability to embed pictures and even video in your blogs.

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