How to Link Your Blog to Your Facebook Profile

I know there are female ‘tech geeks” out there, but I am not one of them! It takes me a little longer to understand how to do these things than most so I’d like to make it easier for other women if at all possible.

I’ve tried to take the steps to add Notes and link your blog in simple language that my female powered brain needs to understand. Hopefully, other marketers will be able to understand how simple it is to link your blog to your Facebook profile using the Notes application from these easy steps:

1. You will need to log in to your Facebook account, then go the the Notes application page. You’ll see all your friends that use the app listed there. Click on “Go To Application” button on the left side of the page.

2. After adding the Notes Application to your profile, click on “Import a blog” under “Notes Settings”.

If you don’t already know your blog’s RSS feed URL, you will have it memorized soon! It usually looks something like: “”, depending on what type of feed or service you use. If you don’t know it, just click on the RSS button on your blog and it will take you to the URL that you can then copy. If you use Feedburner you would paste the feed URL they provided you here.

3. Next you will configure how you’d like the feed to appear on your wall. Go to your Profile page and hover over Settings to see the drop down menu and click on “Application Settings”. All your apps will be listed here and you should now see the Notes application. Click on “Edit Settings” next to the Notes application and from there you can configure how you’d like to see your feed appear on your wall.

4. Once you’re done configuring, navigate back to your wall to see your latest blog post appearing. That’s it!

Many of the social media sites offer linking capabilities to automatically post your blog to your profile along with a thumbnail preview of your post. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and with that thumbnail it draws more attention to your blog. Check around the social sites you belong to and you might discover you have been missing out on a linking opportunity there as well.

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