How to End Wasteful Government Spending

Here we sit with a national debt we can never repay and our government officials keep wanting to raise the debt ceiling. Looking for ways to spend more money that we don’t have. When is the wasteful government spending going to end?

We hear about the fiscal cliff and the government shutting down but what we don’t see is a viable solution. There is plenty of talk but the action I see is always in the wrong direction. For an example, at the expense of the taxpayers our president decides to take his family on another vacation to Hawaii at a cost of 4 million plus taxpayers dollars. How does that fit in with cutting back. Let him pay for his own vacations just as you and I do, out of our own pockets. Oh, I remember, He calls it a business trip and then it becomes an official trip that we can pay for.

The government says we are quickly running out of money and heading for another great depression. That sounds to me like our leaders should be thinking more about how they are spending yours and my tax dollars and who they are giving it to.

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