Become Aware to Improve Workplace Relationships

In the end happiness is really about relationships, and now we know that our social world is important to our well being… in fact relationships are as important as eating and drinking. The foundation of great teams is relationship.

In their book The Power of Full Engagement, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz says that relationships can be a source of energy renewal… and as I’m sure you also know, trouble in relationships always mean drama. You see… we spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves in relationship to others.

Assistant Professor at the UCLA Department of Psychology Dr. Matthew Lieberman says that four out of five processes operating in the background when your brain is at rest involve thinking about yourself or other people.

To improve your relationships at home and at work here is one thing you can do: Increase your own level of self-awareness. You can increase your awareness by becoming more aware of your feelings instead of reliving the feeling over and over again by going into a story.

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