An Advertiser’s Responsibility To Respect Social Sensitivities

An advertiser is required to produce advertisements to market and promote the product(s) of the firm he is employed by. The medium of advertisement can be print, electronic, or the most current medium, social media. However, it is not easy to advertise any product or service and there is a heavy responsibility of following number of guidelines and requirements that apply to the entire advertising industry.

It is the responsibility of every advertiser to ensure that the advertisement(s) that he produces are in line with marketing ethics and that the sentiments of the viewers are kept in mind during the brainstorming and production phases of the promotional video, print advertisement or social media campaign. Social sensitivities have to be given due consideration so as to avoid any backlash from the masses upon the launch of the campaign.

There are a number of social issues which tend to rouse strong feelings if portrayed in a wrong way. These include issues regarding social, cultural or racial discrimination, gender bias, as well as issues pertaining to mental and physical health. The scope of social sensitivities also covers explicit content and censorship issues. The responsibility of a marketer is to avoid attracting any negative feedback from the viewers of advertisements by respecting unsaid boundaries of all aforementioned social sensitivities.

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