Long-Term Care Insurance – A Simple Explanation

Long-term Care Insurance can be an effective tool for protecting your assets and estate from the high costs of senior care. Though the average nursing home length of stay is significantly higher than most people believe, 2.4 years according to a report conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, less than 20% of long-term care is nursing home care. Home care, home health care, adult day care, assisted living facility care and others constitute the overwhelming majority of senior care services. These services are covered under most Long-Term Care insurance policies.

Generally, the people who are in need of care are responsible for paying the costs. Long Term Care is usually not covered by your personal health insurance plan or by the policy you may currently have from a present or previous employer. Medicare usually pays for only a small percentage of skilled nursing costs while Medicaid provides health care coverage to Americans with lower incomes and can pay almost half of all nursing home costs.

It is likely that you will need long-term care in the future however, no one can predict the kind of care that may be needed or the exact costs involved. With Long-term Care Insurance, you can plan and budget for a known and quantifiable premium for a policy that can protect you from potentially large out of pocket expenses. It can be beneficial to learn about the different types of policies available to you in order to match the most appropriate policy to suit your needs.

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