Class Act: Long Term Care Benefits

As people continue to look for the best plan for their long term care CLASS Act, which stands for Community Living Assistance Services and Support Act, turns out to be one of the better options.

Like traditional long term care insurance (LTCI) policies, this new health care reform allows Americans to choose where and how to be cared for. Perhaps its selling point is the short period in which one has to complete his premium. After which, he can do whatever he wishes knowing in his heart that should anything unfortunate happen and trigger his disability, he can rely on his pool of benefits.

What makes it better than the traditional long term care insurance policy?

CLASS Act only requires an eligible member to complete the program’s five-year premium, and he must be employed in three years of that given period for premium payment. One need not be physically or mentally fit to be able to pass the screening of the Secretary of Health and Human Services who is responsible for determining the eligibility of an individual to the Act.

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