Have Life Insurance Cover Without a Medical Exam

‘Life insurance without medical exam’ is a policy that has a new way of getting term life insurance without the hassle of having to go for a medical examination from a doctor. Insurance companies that offer this service do not ask for the client’s medical records, but rather ask a few general questions that will be used to verify whether the person qualifies for a medical cover. However, since there is no medical exam, most people get the insurance coverage for a set period.

The idea of life insurance without a medical exam came about because there are people who would rather not go to the doctor for various reasons. They are given to:

– People with health complications cannot easily acquire medical coverage from established companies without a medical exam being done first.

– Older people who would like to amass some money before they die so that it would be used to pay for the funeral expenses.

– People with divergent religious beliefs that do not allow them to go to a professional doctor or any kind of doctor for that matter.

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