Things to Know About Moving to Boston

Moving day is almost here! From the boxes all over your living room to not knowing where you packed the spatula, moving can be frustrating. Boston – here you come. Before you go, however, you will need some facts on your new home. Here they are – the top five things to know about moving to Beantown.

Boston is a big city.
While “big” isn’t the only term to describe Beantown, it’s certainly one of them. As far as city limits, the city isn’t that sprawling. However, Greater Boston holds an estimated six.4 million inhabitants. It doesn’t stop there. The city is home to a quarter million college students, earning the city its name as “the Athens of American.” ‘Big’ doesn’t always mean that the city has terrible commute times, though. Make sure to pack your comfy shoes as one of their nicknames is “The Walking City”.” Many Bostonians do not own a car, but instead utilize the city’s internationally renowned public transportation system.

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