Myths and Truths About Becoming Famous

As children, many of us have daydreamed of what it must be like to be famous. I remember dreaming of being famous at everything, a singer, an actor, a dancer, an artist, a business owner (my first idea was to open a shop that specialized in nothing but greeting cards, tee-shirts, jewelry…). But as we get older and so-called reality slips in with all of its doubts and apprehensions, we lose our dreams of grandeur and settle for an okay life mainly guided by the needs, wants and dreams of others.

As we get into high school and college, becoming famous seems more like faded dream than any reality that we can possibly conjure up. Then we settle into compromising positions at a 9 to 5 and we think the only way we can become famous now is to win the lottery.

We develop all sorts of imaginings and excuses about why it is that we just can’t possibly become famous. These imaginings and excuses are what I call modern day myths about achieving fame.

MYTH: Only highly educated people become famous.

TRUTH: There are homeless people with Ivy League degrees and decades of corporate experience who can’t even get a decent job. Once I even hired a temp employee, (receptionist), who had a Masters from Harvard! Besides, book smarts doesn’t automatically make a person famous. If that were the case, there would be an overabundance of famous folks roaming the earth right now.

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