A Beginner’s Guide to Types of Printers

The best printers for printing direct to garments, tshirts, metals, PVC, glass etc are flatbed printers and DTG printers, As the name suggests, flatbed printers are printers with a flat surface, or bed if you may, on which the printing material is placed. One may question this fact by saying that even regular printers have a flat loading tray and so how is a flatbed printer any different from a regular printer?

This printer is actually capable of printing on a variety of materials as opposed to a regular printer that can print on a very limited number of materials such as paper, photo paper, etc. They can print on materials such as film, cloth, plastic, ceramic, leather, wood, glass, acrylic, etc.

How does a flatbed printer work?

These printers work in a very different manner than regular inkjet or laser printers. Where most common printers these days make use of a mechanism where a drum and the paper are charged and a laser is shone onto the drum in the shape of the intended image. The uncharged areas attract the toner which is pulled onto the drum and sticks on the paper to come up with the image that was given to be printed.

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