Success in MLM – With No Money!

I’ve been asked often how multi level marketing companies work? I’ll explain very roughly how they work,and how you can succeed with them. You actually can (I have personally made money with two of them).

– First clearly define the niche you want to be a part of. Start broad in the beginning as you think of what you want to do. Let’s say your passion is diet and fitness. This is an incredibly popular niche-almost everyone is interested in diet and fitness. For the purpose of this article, let’s just focus on diet.

So your options are to:
Join a multi level marketing company that specializes in diet products. There are an enormous number and I’m not advocating any of them. But examples are BeachBody, Visulas, Vitamark-literally we could just spend all day listing them. The advantage is, of course, ready made products, some marketing information, a support system, and some sort of marketing strategy.

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