Is There A Fifth Force In Physics?

In the world of combat and martial arts, there are a variety of striking forms in which people have incorporated speed, power and torque to deal damage but what most martial artists who practice secular martial arts without training in others can not tell you is that there are three types of damages that a person can perform. In boxing we see jabs, straight punches and hooks as the main primary strikes; relying on pure form and precise rotation it sets the fist into the target zones horizontally, without any twists or such at the wrist- This is the first type of damage: Brute force.

In Karate, a punch is performed by twisting and rotation mixed to deliver a punch based on torque that is to give sharp, precise damage unlike boxing; which is based on pure brute force to knock the opponent out.- This is the second type of damage: Sharp Damage. The quick punches in Wing Tsun/Chun are based entirely on a whip-like motion that delivers a slap-types strike mixed with a balled fist to deliver a very breaching strike that knocks opponents towards the back a few inches, its through this concept they have created strikes to hit farther than intended range, this insures they give out a little more power while striking, even at close range – This is the third type of damage: Whip/Slapping Damage.

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