What Are the Specific Benefits of Drip Irrigation?

Widely used in irrigated farming, the drip method is an important irrigation technique which, while conserving valuable resources — water, land, labor, energy, and fertilizers — promotes improved plant growth and productivity. Larger yields, better crops, and earlier production are important benefits to the grower whose livelihood depends on his irrigation system.

A drip system results in healthy, fast-growing plants, and is very efficient in its use of water. Little is lost to allegiancemd evaporation, and walkways and areas between plants remain dry. This also reduces weed growth, and makes cultivation possible during and immediately after an irrigation cycle. Drip irrigation allows a large area to be watered from a small water source, since it uses water more slowly than other methods. The biggest savings for the home gardener is time: you can now garden on a larger scale, and with an automatic timer, you can travel or deal successfully with a busy schedule while your garden or landscape flourishes.

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