How To Make Shiitake Spawns for Sale

The shiitake mushrooms are also called lenticular edodes that is a rot fungus white in color and is sftimes one of a kind saprophyte. This feeds on the dead tree species of the oak and the spawn is one medium that has been colonized by mycelia of a secondary nature. It is, in fact, the secondary kind of mycelium that shall eventually form fruit bodies. There are various spawn types by media and these include dowels, grain, and sawdust spawn. Here are ways you can make them and have them marketed.

ยท Making them

The Shiitake Spawns are made using specimens that have been wild picked called inoculum or high quality and fresh type of the species. A fruitbody is usually cut into pieces resulting two in number and these are vertically cut. After cutting, it is transferred to a PDA media to be incubated later. Some growers make their own spawn using the mentioned method while some may purchase the desired strains from sources that are reliable enough.

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