How LED Lighting Is Changing Farming

In many places areas around the world, LED is changing how farming is done. In Japan, there are restaurants which grow their own fresh greens indoors using LED grow lights. In the US, there are farms which grow greens exclusively indoors using LED lamps. Greens grown with LED lights are said to grow quite vigorously, allowing more food to be grown faster.

In fact, all over the world, there are new “plant factories” popping up, where plants for eating and also flowers for selling are being grown and harvested at a rapid pace, marilyn must faster than growing the plants outdoors. It makes sense, plants grown outdoors are subject to the weather, insects and even physical trauma. While plants grown indoors are protected from the weather and insects. In fact, growers can tightly control the amount of light and temperatures that the plants grow in, making every plant grow in the most ideal conditions possible.

This new shift in agricultural production, which has been many years in the making is only possible through the advancements of LED lighting. LED lights have their own advantages. LED’s are tiny compared to traditional lighting options. They also don’t burn hot unlike traditional lighting, making them safer. They are also more durable, lessening the amount of maintenance needed from broken lights. Not only that, they give off more light with much less power, saving enormous amount of money for users in the process. LED’s can also be more easily controlled with a computer or automated with technology. It makes sense that LED’s, when put to use in agriculture would result in tremendous advancements in the ability to grow food.

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