Gibraltar Company Formations

Gibraltar is a small island off the coast of Spain, governed by the UK and due to it’s geographical location is on important port in addition to it’s role as an offshore financial centre. A company formation in Gibraltar has been a popular choice for European businesses for many years, providing an essentially British experience but with the benefits of an offshore financial centre. offshore company

However, whilst it offers the corporate structure flexibility with a minimum of just one director (which can be a corporation) they do not offer quite the same extent of privacy with a public register containing the names of directors and shareholder.

There are no requirements to disclose to anyone the identity of the owners or shareholders of a non-resident company in Gibraltar and the Gibraltar government would only ever do so if an order is received by the Supreme Court. This would only be granted on suspicion or serious criminal activity. This privacy is further protected by the minimal reporting requirements for example, companies are not required to keep accounts and lodge them with the Gibraltar government. Whilst still providing this high-level of privacy, Gibraltar is one of the High Disclosure Offshore Centers which puts it into the same category as the likes of Jersey and Guernsey. In most cases, this is seen as a good thing as it makes Gibraltar one of the safest destinations for companies looking to move offshore.

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